We are ourselves creations. And we in turn are meant to continue creativity by being creative.


We highlight the different co- curricular activities held by BGSNPS. In line with the philosophy that busy people find time for everything and that people should work hard and play hard, the students are expected to occupy their leisure time productively. There are a variety of activities to involve all the students.

Morning Assembly

“If you begin the day well, hours gently pass by„

Morning assembly is an important program of the school.It helps to inculcate in the students a sense of devotion and duty . Day started with a prayer in good in all aspects. Divine thoughts invoke moral values and inspires the students to do good deeds.News makes one aware of what is happening around us. Special programs create interest and improve General Knowledge.Morning assembly is held section wise. Maximum participation is ensured. Following events contribute morning assembly-prayer, community song, and pledge, thought for the day, News, Special items, announcements, birthday celebration and National Anthem. Talks on festivals and other days of importance following in the week is presented by the class on duty.

Special talk by faculty

On all Wednesdays, value based stories, theme based talk and scientific facts are presented by teachers in the assembly. Word a Day: In order to improve the vocabulary everyday “word a day” is introduced in the assembly. A new word with the meaning and usage in highlighted in the assembly and written on the black board meant for that.

Display Board Competition

Display Board Competition is organized in two levels. Section wise and house wise. It is an important portal of inquiry based learning, an expression of creativity and a reflection of one’s general awareness. Student are motivated and guided by the teachers in the given topics. It inculcates team spirit among the students and teachers.



  • Brahmaputra
    Ms B Ramya Shenoy
    Ms Dhanalakshmi S


  • Cauvery
    Ms Srividya Suresh
    Ms Priyanka M C


  • Ganga
    Ms Aarti Prashanth
    Ms Mrunalee V Shitole


  • Narmada
    Ms Sonia Madan
    Ms Tanushree Majumder