Provisionally Selected Candidates for Admission to XI (2022-23)                                                                                                Admission schedule :- PCMC Candidates bearing serial No. 92 to 114 on 10th January 2022.  Serial Number 1 to 45 on 11th January 2022  and Serial Number 46 to 91 on 12th January 2022. Timings 9.30 am to 1 pm.                  

PCMC – Click Here

Admission schedule :- PCMB Candidates bearing Serial Number 45 to 56 on 10th January 2022. Serial Number 1 to 44 on 13th January 2022 . Timings 9.30 to 12 noon.

PCMB – Click Here

Regularization of admission will be done after the announcement of the Board result in which student has to qualify.

Note :- Depending upon the vacancy, second list will be published on 21, January 2022

Payment to be made on the day of provisional admission. Students of BGSNPS have to pay Annual fees. Other new students have to pay Admission Fees and Annual fees.                          —————————————————————————————————      

Interaction for the short listed candidates for Classes 1 and PP III is scheduled for the following dates :-

         PP III on 6th and 7th January 2022   and     Class 1 on 7th and 8th January 2022     All short listed candidates will be receiving a mail on or before 22nd December 2021.                                                                                .                                                                                                     BGS NPS has decided to open an additional section in PP I for the Academic year 2022-23. Registration is open for PP I with immediate effect. Online registration link will be made available.

Registration link for PP1

In case there is any problem, parents can collect the Registration form from the office by making payment of Rs one thousand through DD payable to BGS National Public School, Bangalore.


As announced earlier, Admission Test for Class XI for the Academic Year 2022-2023 PCMB and PCMC ( Science Stream) will be held on Thursday, the 16th December 2021. Registered candidates are requested to be present at 9 am in the school following Covid -19 protocol. Test will be conducted in the following Subjects covering Class X – Term I syllabus.

1) Mathematics
2) Physics
3) Chemistry
4) Biology (for those opted for PCMB)

Duration of the test will be of three hours for all subjects together. Test will be from 9.30 am to 12.30 pm. Results will be published in the school website on Wednesday, the 22nd December 2021 and process of admission will start immediately.

Candidates should have Personal Sanitizer, Face Mask, Drinking water etc. They should carry writing materials such as Pen / Pencil etc. Blank answer paper will be supplied.

Note: – Efforts are going on for introducing Humanities and Commerce streams in our school.. As soon as we receive the approval from CBSE, it will be informed.


Admission  Test will be conducted on Saturday, the 8th January, 2022 at 9.30 a.m. in our school.

For primary classes (up to Class V) a formal test in English, Mathematics and Environmental Science will be administered for a total mark of 25. Duration will be one hour.

For Class VI to IX students have to appear in English, Mathematics and Science. Duration of the test will be of Three hours and each subject carrying 25 marks.


  1. As on date, there is no vacancy in Primary classes (up to Class V) However after the admission Test , a waiting list will be prepared for future vacancies.
  2. Only registered candidates are allowed to take the test on production of the registration acknowledgement / receipt of payment.
  3. Candidates should follow COVID-19 protocol, should have face mask, personal sanitizer, drinking water, writing materials such as pen/pencil etc. Blank answer sheets will be provided.
  4. Based on the availability of vacancies, list of selected candidates will be announced on 14th January, 2022 in our website.


1) Registration for Admission for Class XI (2022-23) will start from 28th October 2021 . Form can be collected from the School Office on payment of Rs. 1000/-.( Cheque or DD favoring ” BGS National Public School “)
Admission is based on clearing the Test. We have limited seats . Tentative date for test is Thursday the 16th December 2021. Only the students who qualify the test will be eligible for admission to class XI.( Science Stream : Mathematics , Physics, Chemistry, Biology / Computer Science )
2) Issue of registration forms from 9.30 am to 11.30 on all working days up to 6th November. Filled in form with attachment should reach the office before 4 pm of 6th November 2021.
3) Copy of the marks statement of Class IX to be attached along with registration form.
( Half yearly Marks statement of X should be made available at the earliest / as soon as it is received from the school )
4). Entrance Test will be conduct at school between 9 am and 12 Noon ( 3 hours) following COVID 19 protocols

5). Test will be conducted in the following subjects
PCMB – Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics and Biology each of 25 marks each paper
PCMC – Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics each of 25 marks each paper

6) . Syllabus and Portion: CBSE Syllabus – Term I Portion of class X

Candidates to maintain social distancing, wear mask, carry a small bottle of sanitizer, water, pen, pencil and geometry box.

First list of selected candidates will be published on  22nd December 2021 and Admission will start immediately.

ADMISSION PROCESS FOR PP 1 and PP II                                                                                                 

The Process for provisional admission will start from Monday the 25th October 2021. Each day interaction of twenty short listed candidates will be taken up. Parents along with the students are required to be present with the following documents :-                                           

1) Print out of the registration form
2) Original Birth Certificate with a self attested copy of birth certificate.
3) Proof of residential address ( Aadhar card / Passport / Rent agreement / sale deed)etc
4) Two recent Pass port size photos of the student. 5) Self Attested copy of cast certificate,if belong to SC/ST/ OBC/ Minority community.

Note :- If the student is selected, provisional admission will be done on payment of Admission Fees and first term fees (by cheque / DD / payable to BGS National Public School,Bangalore). There  will be an orientation for parents on Saturday the 21st May 2022 at 10 am. Classes for PP I will start from 23rd May 2022 and for PP II and PP III from 26th May 2022 .  Parents will get a mail reflecting the time schedule of interaction etc.                                                             ———————————————————————————————-           



Documents to be submitted for admission:

  • Attested copy of Birth Certificate
  • Attested copy of SC, ST, OBC certificates in case of SC / ST / OBC students .
  • Attested copy of TC from the previous school in case of Classes II and above (if available during registration. If qualified in the admission test, Original TC is required for admission)
  • Attested copy of the Aadhar Card
  • One passport size photograph of the child
  • Attestation can be self attested.

Eligible age:

As per New Education Policy, (5+3+3+4) entry level age of the child is three years as on 1st June for Pre-Primary I. For subsequent classes the eligible age would be reckoned again with reference to 1st June with proportionate increase over 3 years.

Proof of age:

  • Certificate of birth issued by competent authority or the TC from the previous school (for class up to IV).
  • For classes V and above TC from the previous recognized school.

Criteria for selection:

1) Siblings 2) Proximity to School

Proof for Residential Address:(Any one document)
a) Passport of the parent, b) Addhar Card of the parent c) BSNL telephone bill d) Driving License of the parent

Admission for PP I will start based on the notification issued by the Govt. Payment of fees to be made either by bank draft, pay-order drawn in the name of BGS National Public School payable at Bangalore. No Cheque/ cash will be accepted. Admission to other classes will be taken up based on the vacancy which may arise in future. At present there is no vacancy in other classes. If parents are registering for other classes it will be at their own risk.

Note: At present vacancies will be in PP I only which is the entry level .

The school is self-financed and no aid is received from either the central or state government. The fees structure may be revised to meet the additional expenditure on salaries, activities, maintenance and other development schemes. Fees is charged (Both transport and School fees) for 12 months. School fees to be paid in two installments. First installment at the time of Admission along with Admission Fees .Second installment before 10th of November . Transport fees to be paid in the month of May (before 5th) in full. Transport services are out sourced.

Fees Structure with effect from 2019-20 ( Instructional Fees, Comprehensive)

PP I to Class V          – 1,10,000/-

Class VI to Class X    – 1,20,000/-

Class XI and XII       – 1,25,000/-

  • There is one time payment of admission fees which will be announced later.
  • Generally Fees is paid in two installments
  • I Installment by 10th of April ( at the time of admission in case of New Admission)
  • II Installment by 10th of November.
  • There will be an increase of 15% of fees once in three years.


  • Pre-Primary
    • I
    • II
    • III
    • 3 years
    • 4 years
    • 5 years
    35 – 40 per section
    Fun learning

  • Primary
    • I
    • II
    • III
    • IV
    • V
    • 6 years
    • 7 years
    • 8 years
    • 9 years
    • 10 years
    35 – 40 per section
    English, Kannada/Hindi/Sanskrit, Maths, Computers, CCA, Games, EVS, Life Skills, Art, Music, Yoga, Health Education (Social Science and General Science for classes IV and V) Kannada is compulsory .Hindi can be taken as optional subject.

  • Secondary
    • VI
    • VII
    • VIII
    • IX
    • X
    • 11 years
    • 12 years
    • 13 years
    • 14 years
    • 15 years
    35 – 40 per section
    English, Kannada/Hindi/Sanskrit, Maths, Science, Computer Science, Social Science, Art, Music, PET, CCA, Games, Life Skills, Yoga, Health education.

  • Higher Secondary
    • XI
    • XII
    • 16 years
    • 16 years
    35 – 40 per Section
    English, Maths, Physics, Chemistry, Biology/Computer Science